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Sa, 05.12.2020

Mission for precious metal

NH-HH-Recyclingverein advocates against classifying silver as reprotoxic with a film.

“Without silver, the lights will go out!” With that warning and an educational film on the importance of silver, NH-HH-Recyclingverein has taken a stand against a push to classify the precious metal as reprotoxic in the EU. The organisation, a joint venture between manufacturers of electric fuses, hopes its efforts will point out the consequences such a classification will evoke for economy and consumers. It would prevent silver from being effectively used as fusible elements in fuses, among other applications. Silver, by far the best electrical conductor, keeps power losses in fuses small, saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

Click here for more information about the NH-HH-initiative (available only in german).
Here is the film:

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