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For over 70 years now, SIBA has specialised in fuses - covering the whole range from miniature devices for electrical components to high-voltage installations. And because we devote ourselves uncompromisingly to our specific core business, you can be sure that our fuses will work when needed. Through our products, we safeguard your products, your plant and machinery, and above all your personnel. What we really think about are your vital resources.

Our own research & development, highly connected with the allday-requirements of industrial live, ensures and expands our know-how. Thus we will stay fuse experts in the future as well.

Our portfolio:

To be both flexible and client-focused - that's the ultimate goal. But the conditions have to be just right for this. And we can provide them. By maintaining a huge range of stocks so that standard items can be sent out to you just when they are needed. Making thousands of products available almost immediately or fast-tracked for reproduction.

If something is not part of our product range we can also make specific fuses to order - and our in-house R&D specialists will work closely with your designers on this. Our own laboratory will then verify the result by conducting tests under real-world conditions.

Of course we also manufacture fuses for your various markets – and that means complying with all main national and international norms and standards: IEC, EN, VDE, DIN and UL. This is all done as a matter of course.

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For us the 'made in Germany' label stands for commitment to quality without compromise. Our entire production process is fully IT-supported. This ensures that the concept and the design meet the most stringent standards - as does every individual fuse that leaves our factory.

Supplier dependability, reliability, advisory expertise, customer focus and flexibility – we put great emphasis on the classic service virtues of a good mid-sized company. Because we take direct customer contact seriously we have developed our own worldwide network and have become an efficient global player: overseas subsidiaries and sales partners in every continent keep us in close contact with our clients.

Our global presence is matched by  a commitment to our home base in Germany - with production centred around our factory in Lünen.

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