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Our catalogues: products in black and white

Catalogue high voltage fuses

High voltage fuses, catalogue: Download

Data sheets for fuse-links (temperature limiter): Download

Catalogues Ultra-rapid fuses
(semiconductor protection)

„Sun Protection Factor P” - Professional Protection for professional photovoltaic systems: Download

UR fuses, General Information: Download

UR fuses, fuses with screw contacts (URB): Download

UR fuses, european standard (URD): Download

UR fuses, british standard (URE): Download

UR fuses, with knife contacts (URM): Download

UR fuses, square body (URS): Download

UR fuses, cylindrical body (URZ): Download

Catalogues low-voltage fuses

Low-voltage fuses for the protection of cables, motor circuits and transformers: Download

Low-voltage fuses with combination indicator. Download

Catalogue Miniature fuses
(industry electronics)

Complete catalogue
Miniature fuses to protect electronic components: Download

Other catalogues/data sheets

S fuses (diverse fuse-links): Download

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