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Visit from potential future SIBA employees

After two years of pandemic restrictions, SIBA once again participated in an analogue Night of Training in Lünen

The first analogue Night of Training in Lünen after a two-year pandemic-induced break from the classroom attracted a lot of young people who were interested in seeing what a fuse manufacturer could teach them.

Apprentices had worked in their free time and after work to set up and staff their information stations in the company. They provided a practical demonstration of what a mechatronics technician actually does: setting up, adjusting and operating programmable logic controllers, for example. Visitors also learned that toolmaking involves installing customised machine elements in all the special machines that SIBA needs or even building entire machines themselves because many of the systems that the company requires are not available off the shelf. Other stations showed how industrial clerks keep the administrative, accounting and organisational processes running at the company.

This year’s crowd was not quite as big as two years ago, partly because more companies participated in the new instalment of the Night of Training in Lünen. However, that left more time to talk to each visitor, which benefited both sides.

Here is a small picture gallery of the Night of Training at SIBA.

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