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Other fuses: specialists working for protection

SIBA holds about 7,000 different fuse technology products. But even with that variety, we can still not cover every application, and for constantly changing needs we have to develop ever new variants. And even if one fuse fits perfectly, it may still not be able to be used because - to give just one example - a specific tripping sequence may be required in the case of fuses installed in series.
Nevertheless, we also have a wide variety of pre-made products available for special applications - from mining to the railways.


Railroad fuses:
On track to succeed

©fotolia / Oleksiy Mark
©fotolia / Oleksiy Mark

SIBA‘s portfolio is informed by 30 years of experience with railroad fuses. We know what counts: staying on schedule, no matter what happens. Shake, rattle – and roll on with DIN EN 50155: Our railroad fuses have proven their worth in the rugged railroad environment for decades. They operate when they‘re supposed to. Not before. SIBA railroad fuses are used all around the world: We ship to many countries. We serve railroad equipmen t manufacturers and railroad operators alike.
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S fuses: our portfolio
for marine fuses and more

©fotolia - busara
©fotolia - busara

In addition to classic D-Type fuses for private household applications our product portfolio for special fuses consists not only of railway fuses but also provides designs for other applications.  These are locking caps and accessories for industry and utilities as well as fuse strips, which are used in forklifts and similar vehicles.

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