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Sun protection factor „P“

Resilient fuses for photovoltaic purposes

©VioNet - Fotolia/Montage GM
©VioNet - Fotolia/Montage GM
  • Short circuit protection in PV systems meet special photovoltaic criteria.
  • Photovoltaic fuses can interrupt faultcurrents that are even slightly higher than their rated current.
  • The fuses have to withstand not only extreme thermal cycles, but complex current cycles as well.
  • Additionally the PV fuses have to consider the slightly different requirements according to the different international standards.

Click here for a list with product data of our photovoltaic fuses.

Short circuit protection in PV systems

  • Modified calculation scheme which helps practitioners
  • Wide range of products related to photovoltaic fuses that meets the requirements of IEC 602169-6 and UL 248-19 (UL2579)
  • Fuses with different types of construction, designed for Rated Currents  from one to 500 A
  • Portfolio of Rated Voltage recently expanded up to 1500 V

Click here for a Download of our "fuse.on" for PV systems.

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