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Power electronics, easily and efficiently protected

Power electronics components have to install quickly. Not a problem with SIBA fuses.

The renewable energy boom and recent innovations in power electronics mean that more and more components have to be manufactured in large lots. This production method works best when you can easily mount as many components as possible on boards using a fully or semi-automated process. SIBA’s product line of power electronic fuses now includes five body types with soldering pins:  from 10 x 30 mm to NH000. They are all easy to install. And are as powerful as always.

What kind of products we offer

Our line of power electronic fuses with soldering pins covers many body types: 10 x 38 mm, 14 x 51 mm, 17 x 25.2 mm, 22 x 58 mm and NH000.

What our fuses can do

Short circuit protection

Power electronics may experience large short-circuit currents. That is exactly what our fast-acting aR characteristic fuses are designed for. That means extra fuses have to be installed to handle overload conditions.

Sturdier connection

Soldering pins firmly connect our fuses to the board. Contact resistance is lower, reducing losses, while the fuse cannot become dislodged, as they often do with clips. In addition, our soldering pin fuses can handle higher currents: 10 x 38 up to 30 A, 14 x 51 up to 63 A and 22 x 58 up to 100 A.

Faster mounting, fewer parts

Our soldering pin fuses are intended for industrially mounting power electronic assemblies – they offer more benefits than just mounting efficiency. They do not need clips or clamps to hold the fuse, which eliminates parts and mounting steps.

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