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SIBA showcases ICS technology at Cired2021

To quote the VDE, Cired is 'the most important international conference platform for the exchange of the latest developments in the distribution network industry'. The network components session at this year's event provided SIBA with an opportunity to present its ICS technology for longer-lasting fuse elements for wind turbine installations.

Cired2021, which was again organised as a virtual event, provided SIBA with a slot to showcase its latest innovation - and indeed ICS technology (Improved Cycle Stability) provides an effective solution for a well-known problem that affects fuses fitted to wind power plants. A series of fuses can provide several years of trouble-free operation and then can trip without any electrical reason. SIBA decided to team up with other experts and a research institute to investigate this phenomenon and as a result was not only able to identify the cause of the problem but also succeeded in developing a new type of fuse capable of a much longer service life. 

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