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Wind power. Energy that demands excellence.

Wind energy of today: Higher generator power, stronger transformers

Hardly any other industry demands so much of electrical installations as wind energy. A machine’s medium installed active power of 2.3 to 3 MW requires an apparent transformer power of up to 2,500 to 3,500 kVA. SIBA’s SSK-type fuse-links have been further developed specially for this field of application.

Where our fuses help out

©Kosta Iliev/shutterstock
©Kosta Iliev/shutterstock

They're protecting modern transformers.

More than 15 years of SSK for special cases: SIBA identified early on that increasing transformer powers also call for new safeguarding concepts. Intensive research and development allows us to stay at the forefront of fuse technology for wind power plants.

What our fuses provide

Short-circuit protection

SSK-type switch-fuse combinations with SIBA’s SSK-type fuse-links limit the short-circuit power early in the process.

Heating protection

One of the major challenges taken on by SIBA is the heating of fuses. Empirical work based on long-term test series involving the heating of fuses ensures that we are able to cope with this challenge and continue to further develop the SSK production series in order to meet the demands for regenerative energies in the future as well.

Compact design

Our SSK fuse accepts much higher current ratings – without increase in the size of the fuse link.
This means that the fuses can be made smaller.

CO2-saving and cost-reducing

Our fuses for wind power plants are able to withstand high cyclical loads – thanks to special ICS-equipped fuse-links for rated currents starting from 63 A. This makes our SSK-type fuses robust and long-lasting, thereby reducing both maintenance costs and power losses and minimizing CO2 emissions.

First choice for wind power: SSK

  • Rated currents from 63 to 160 amperes.
  • Three ranges of rated voltage: 6/12 kV, 10/24 kV und 20/36 kV

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