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Safeguarding the future of PV with our 800 V AC-product range.

PV installations are becoming larger, more powerful and more efficient - and SIBA has just the fuses that they need for protection.

As the energy transition continues to develop at pace, we are now seeing not only more solar power systems but also ever larger and more powerful installations of this kind. PV systems set up on interconnected apartment blocks or on industrial and commercial estates are now operating at increasingly high AC voltages of up to 800 V. Some of the solutions being developed here have even higher voltage ratings than this. These systems naturally place much higher demands on electrical safety than a small domestic installation, for example. And we have targeted our new range of products specifically at these mid-sized units.

Where our fuses help out

They provide protection for the latest generation of string inverters.

Modern inverters operate at AC voltages of 800 V and more. This makes for smaller-section conductors, which in turn saves on valuable copper and reduces power losses. SIBA fuses are effective at preventing damage to modern equipment of this kind.

They therefore help reduce the BOS costs.

New inverters also cut down on the material and installation costs associated with BOS (balance of system = all the PV components apart from the panels). They achieve this because they can be fitted with more compact switches and control cabinets. And as they are significantly smaller in size the logistic costs are also lower. SIBA fuses therefore help cut investment and operating costs and so generate a better rate of return.

What our fuses provide

Short-circuit protection

High-performance solar installations may be prone to high short-circuit currents. gG class and gRL class fuse links can protect against this. gRL fuses react even quicker in cutting off the current flow and will also reduce the forward currents.

Overload protection

Our gG class and gRL class fuses provide complete protection against overload. Both types also protect conductors and system components from damage.

Compact design

The gRL fuse accepts much higher current ratings – without any increase in the size of the fuse link. This means that the fuses can be made smaller than those in the gG class, thereby saving the user both space and cost.

Ready for the future

SIBA fuses also offer protection for the coming generation of inverters - and fuses with operating voltages of up to 1,000 V AC are already available for this market segment.

Ultra rapid: gRL class

Standard types NH00, NH1, NH2, NH3 – but offering a higher current rating for the same size.

Cylindrical type 22 x 65 mm: the first fuse on the market to provide this level of performance in such a compact package.

Click here to obtain product data of our gRL-800V-AC-fuses.

Our all-rounders: gG class

Available in standard types NH00, NH1, NH3.

A cost-effective solution for standard applications where ultra rapid protection is not required.

Click here to obtain product data of our gG-800V-AC-fuses.

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