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Motor protection fuses: saving efficiency

Modern motors:
Higher efficiency, higher starting currents

  • Motor manufacturers have improved and partially redesigned their products to enhance their efficiency.
  • High-efficiency motors have a higher inductivity and smaller copper losses resulting in starting currents higher than those of IE1 and IE2 standard motors.
  • Consequently, more stringent requirements apply to the switching devices such as contactors, motor protection switches and fuses. When selecting fuses, the increased starting currents shall be taken into account.

Link to a list of products with low-voltage motor protection fuses.

To protect motors we also offer high-voltage-fuses.
Click here for a link to a list of products with high-voltage motor protection fuses.

Well tailored protection:
Back-up for your machines

  • The fuses are intended to protect the components within the motor circuit from the effects of a short circuit when it occurs. It is the main purpose of a fuse to enable a so-called “Back-Up Protection” of the switching device.
  • If the short-circuit current within a motor circuit exceeds the rated breaking capacity of the motor contactor, the fuses will take over the switching task, provided they have been dimensioned correctly. For this purpose, it is essential that the fuses break the circuit before contactor contacts welding occurs.

Our fuse-on on this topic explains how you select the right motor protection fuse. Click here for a PDF to download.

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