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Research to develop the energy supply network of the future

Interim report on the joint research project on battery storage fuses being carried out by SIBA and TU Dresden University of Technology.

The new standard for gBAT fuses, which are safety fuses designed for energy storage systems, is still awaiting publication. According to the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) this should happen sometime this year. However, SIBA has been working for some time with researchers at TU Dresden's Department for High Voltage and High Current Technology on designing fusible elements that can perform at a higher level than the standard requires.

The project, which has Federal Ministry backing, has now just about reached its mid-way mark and has already yielded some interesting initial results: for example the research team has discovered that many more parameters than were imagined have an influence on the behaviour of the separation point in fusible elements.

Now in its second phase, the project is well on schedule and the SIBA development team has a very good idea of what it has to do to ensure that SIBA's gBAT fuses can perform even more efficiently.

More information on the project here under "development".


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