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SIBA without presence at SPS fair


Despite having finalised all preparations for the event, SIBA, in response to the ever-worsening COVID-19 situation especially in the south of Germany, has decided against a presence at SPS. The entire fair team, which had put a lot of effort into preparing for the event and was looking forward to engaging in personal dialogue with clients and an expert audience, is truly sorry but fully supports the decision. “Staying healthy is our priority” is how the team put it and, by not appearing in person, also wants to contribute to keeping the fourth wave of the pandemic from rising...

SIBA showcases ICS technology at Cired2021


Cired2021, which was again organised as a virtual event, provided SIBA with a slot to showcase its latest innovation - and indeed ICS technology (Improved Cycle Stability) provides an effective solution for a well-known problem that affects fuses fitted to wind power plants. A series of fuses can provide several years of trouble-free operation and then can trip without any electrical reason. SIBA decided to team up with other experts and a research institute to investigate this phenomenon and as a result was not only able to identify the cause of the problem but also succeeded in...

SIBA vaccination drive sees a high turnout


Around one hundred members of staff participated in the vaccination campaign that was organised by fuse makers SIBA during the summer months. This initiative alone meant that about one quarter of the company's total workforce of 433 have now been fully vaccinated, as the campaign comprised two vaccination sessions – one in June and one in July. As staff members were also able to make their own private arrangements outside these dates, the total quota of fully-vaccinated employees has now risen to about 75 percent. The offer of vaccination not only applied to core staff but also included...

SIBA encourages young talent


Fuse maker SIBA's readiness to maintain close contact with the local educational landscape has seen a twofold payback this summer, as budding engineers from the technical institute at Werne Vocational College produced a 'proper mechatronics' final assessment project that really sparkled. And as a result SIBA got a fully functional pilot system that has solved the problem of how metal blanks can be delivered, perfectly aligned, to the company's new stamping press.  This SIBA initiative was to create something special, for the three trainee engineers were to have the rare opportunity to...

Bronze medal for SIBA


A Bronze medal at the very first go: Fuse manufacturer SIBA has subjected its sustainability strategy to assessment by the international CSR rating enterprise EcoVadis – and achieved a highly respectable outcome at the very first attempt, with the testers awarding a Bronze medal. EcoVadis is not just anybody. After all, some 75,000 business enterprises now have their performance in the field of sustainability rated by Ecovadis, making the platform one of the world’s leading providers, with services used by multinational corporations, among others. Their aim is not only to check...

Research to develop the energy supply network of the future


The new standard for gBAT fuses, which are safety fuses designed for energy storage systems, is still awaiting publication. According to the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) this should happen sometime this year. However, SIBA has been working for some time with researchers at TU Dresden's Department for High Voltage and High Current Technology on designing fusible elements that can perform at a higher level than the standard requires. The project, which has Federal Ministry backing, has now just about reached its mid-way mark and has already yielded some...

Nearly 25 tonnes for the 25th birthday


German fuse maker SIBA has collected over 24 tonnes of used fuses for the NH-HH-Recyclingverein – equivalent to more than ten percent of the association’s total annual volume of a good 210 tonnes. This is just one of the facts to emerge from its 25th annual report, which was published in March. SIBA’s commitment is, however, no coincidence, as the company has been a member of the Recyclingverein since the very beginning in May 1995. And therefore, in its look back over a “Quarter-century of sustainability”, the association also gives Thomas Kubiak, head of...

SIBA continues to grow – New test rig under construction


Despite the current circumstances, Lünen-based fuse manufacturer SIBA is still well able to serve its customers – not least because the company opted to modernise and expand its activities several years ago. In 2018 SIBA inaugurated a production island featuring several industrial robots, and 2019 saw the introduction of a smart high-bay warehouse, improving SIBA’s delivery capacity significantly. Last but not least, last year the go-ahead was given for a step-wise renewal of the laboratory – the centerpiece of the R&D activities of the “hidden champion”...

Rapid protection, 
now installed even faster


The current boom in renewables and new developments in power electronics require component manufacturers to massively scale up their production. All the more important, therefore, to ready as many parts and components as possible for mounting on printed circuit boards using a fully or semi-automated process. This is where SIBA’s newly designed 14x51 mm fuse series comes in: not only is it available with bolted contacts, but now also with soldering pins. The new fuse version completes SIBA’s offering for manufacturers of power electronics components, as the company’s NH000,...

Mission for precious metal

Sat, 05.12.2020

“Without silver, the lights will go out!” With that warning and an educational film on the importance of silver, NH-HH-Recyclingverein has taken a stand against a push to classify the precious metal as reprotoxic in the EU. The organisation, a joint venture between manufacturers of electric fuses, hopes its efforts will point out the consequences such a classification will evoke for economy and consumers. It would prevent silver from being effectively used as fusible elements in fuses, among other applications. Silver, by far the best electrical conductor, keeps power losses in...

Cut CO2 emissions by 10,000 tons with SIBA fuses

Mon, 16.11.2020

Powerful HV HRC fuses have been protecting energy grids worldwide for decades. As renewable energy generation plants grow, they need increasingly optimized transformer fuses. In the past, that has kept power losses relatively high. SIBA’s innovative Think Green product line succeeds not only in meeting all electrical protection requirements but also in reducing power losses up to 30 percent. That means if all of the roughly 400,000 distribution transformers currently protected with HV HRC fuses in Germany were outfitted with SIBA Think Green fuses, power consumption would fall around 13...

Our brand-new SMD 160016: For currents of up to 20 A


As you will know, our SMD 160020 miniature fuse, which featured a new design measuring 20 mm in length (5.3 x 20), was already capable of breaking high rated currents of up to 20 A and was an excellent addition to our wide range of SMD fuses.  We have now succeeded in designing an SMD fuse for rated currents of up to 20 A which, at 4.5 x 16 mm, not only has a smaller footprint, but is also available for 12.5 A and 16 A in addition to 20-A currents. All new variants of our 160016 SMD series are capable of breaking high short-circuit currents, with specifications including 1500A@DC125V...

SIBA opens new subsidiary in Singapore 


The Lünen-based fuse maker has reorganized its Asian business at the turn of the year 2019/2020 with a newly established subsidiary, SIBA Asia Pte Ltd taking over SIBA's client support operations in the Asia-Pacific region. Like the old SIBA Far East office, the new company is also based in Singapore, but has moved to new premises in the central Kallang district. For SIBA, the reorganisation has come at just the right time, as the previous manufacturer’s representative retired at the end of 2019. Asian business partners have already been notified of the changeover and have been...

Close on one hundred pairs of spectacles donated for good causes


A better donation rate than a certain Cologne-based car maker: 87 pairs of pre-owned - but still usable - spectacles were collected as part of a Christmas campaign run by the Lünen-based fuse maker SIBA. The company has been acting as a collection point for the Christian Action initiative 'Glasses for the World' and helped pass on donated eyeglasses and hearing aids to those who are unable to afford such things.For spectacle wearers the moment comes about every three years on average, if only for health reasons: the old glasses are no longer suitable and a new pair is needed. This means...

More than 250 visitors attend Apprenticeship Night


The launch was a total success: the Apprenticeship Night in Lünen drew in more than 250 visitors for a look around the SIBA plant. And the 25-strong SIBA team had pulled out all the stops to ensure there was lots to see: the open-evening not only presented three of the key training skills at first hand along with a close-up of SIBA's four main product lines but also took visitors on a factory tour to showcase a company whose electrical fuse links are now in common use all over the world. “For us this first turnout was extremely valuable. We are optimistic that the event will help us...

Five thousand euros for children's hospice


'Any diagnosis of a life-shortening disease completely alters the day-to-day lives of the families affected. Medical treatment, nursing and most importantly of all human care are much needed in such circumstances. The DKHV acts as a forum and provides various options for sick children and their families. Outpatients attending the Lünen Children and Adolescent Hospice Services, for example, have access to a team of volunteers who accompany and support families in and around the Lünen area'. This is Martin Gierse, Director of the German Children's Hospice Association (DKHV), outlining...

Small fuses are making it big


The impressive performance of the compact SIBA fuses is the cover feature of the edition 15/2017 of Elektronikpraxis. The bi-weekly trade magazine from Vogel publications, which has a circulation of nearly 40,000, includes a technical article by SIBA development engineer Andreas Grünig covering the entire family of small-sized SMD fuse blocks, which are designed to handle large currents in confined spaces.SIBA have recently extended their product range to include the 16020, which is designed for rated currents of 20 A and is capable of protecting against short-circuit currents of 1500 A....

Strong, stronger, 160020!


8 mm, 16 mm: our SMD product line is designed to accommodate high currents and high breaking capacities in a small package. The advantages over conventional cylindrical fuses: less installation effort and automatable mounting. The latest SMD 160020 is now in series production and can handle currents of up to 20 A at 250 V – yet is only 20 mm in length. It can reliably break short-circuit currents of as much as 1500 A. This innovation is the perfect complement to the existing range, which has been optimised on the basis of small dimensions and a large performance. Our standard product...

Safe and sustainable for a better environment


Safety fuses are important. They help protect machines and people − but when their job is done they become redundant. Yet ‘blown’ fuse links will still contain lots of valuable raw materials. This is why the NH-HH Recycling Association was set up some 20 years ago, with manufacturers joining together to collect and recycle discarded fuse links. As a founding member of the association SIBA has also been involved in this project for 20 years - having joined the group in July 1995.

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